Ring Size Measurement Guide

Ah! We understand that it's a bit difficult for you to know your exact ring size. To tackle this issue, we have a tools that will help you in determining the exact size you need to purchase the ring of your choice.

Treasta Ring Siz’es

Please click here to download Treasta Ring Size Chart.

Method 01: Measure Your Finger with Paper Sizer

  1. Once printed, first cut the outline of the sizer carefully and take out the small slit from the left end of the sizer.
  2. Now wrap the sizer with the number facing out around the chosen finger for the ring.
  3. Slide the pointed end of the sizer through the cut slit.
  4. Slowly move the slider towards the knuckle i.e. largest part of your finger.
  5. Keep the sizer tight to know the accurate size.
  6. See the number that lines up the slit. That’s the size of the ring you should buy.

Please click here to download Paper Sizer.

Method 02: Measure Your Existing Ring

  1. Select any of your ring that properly fits the chosen finger.
  2. Now match the inside size of the ring by placing it over the circles given below.
  3. Observe carefully and find out the most accurate circle that matches your ring.

Please click here to download Ring Sizer.

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