Who we are?

The name Treasta was derived from an amalgamation of the words Treasure and Pata. Pata, in Italian, means a spectrogram and just like a spectrogram

We at Treasta believes in being dynamic.

Treasta - cheers to millenials !
Treasta is team of young and experienced people. We are expert in right from sketch to final testing of products. We make product so beautiful the way it always has new look. We have sense taste of new generation and make designs very dynamic and fresh. Diamonds we use in our jewelries are Laboratory Grown and have same properties as of natural diamonds.

Our diamonds are 100% conflict free and very friendly to nature. Growing of these diamonds doesn't harm nature in one way or other compared to natural diamonds. It even doesn't exploit natural resources for sake of fashion of people worldwide. We always keep in our mind - Love, Fashion, and Nature.

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Treasta - Vision
To become the most trusted lab-grown diamond jeweler by delivering the best and the most affordable diamond jewelry, in-time services and giving a peace of mind to our customers about their choice for the eco-friendly diamond jewelry.

Treasta - Mission
Our mission is to make Lab-Grown Diamond Jewelry Collections at the most affordable prices by preserving mother earth. We strongly believes that luxury should not come at the cost of the environment so when you choose to buy Treasta Jewelry, you make a wise decision that’s larger than a style statement.

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